About Agar.Io Skins

Agar.Io is an addictive free game where all you have to do is survive, by eating cells smaller than you and surviving bigger ones trying to eat you. Now available for mobile devices, Agar.Io is becoming one of the most popular games of the moment, for both casual and hardcore players. In the game, you can name yourself whatever you want, and with some names, you get a different art on your cell, those names are called Skin. Agar.Io Skins is a fan made website to list all the available Skins in the game, so players can choose their favorite styles to play with. We list ALL Skin Names for Agar.Io!
Agar.Io hacks and cheats are against the game rules, we do not approve and endorse any illegal program use.
Also, coming soon on our website, "how to" Agar.IO Guides to make you better and win Agar.IO.

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